Briefly, what is The Liberal Catholic Church?

The Liberal Catholic Church is one of thirty or more Catholic Churches in the world that are independent of Rome, such as the Greek Orthodox, Old Catholic, etc. It is a Catholic Church in that it administers, through its bishops, priests and deacons, the Seven Sacraments handed down, according to Catholic tradition, from Christ Himself through His apostles and their successors.

It is liberal in that the only demand it makes of its members, or of others who seek the grace of the Sacraments, is that they approach them in a spirit of reverence.

The church teaches a philosophy that includes universal salvation through a series of lives, in the course of which each individual will ultimately attain that state of perfection that fits him or her for the Kingdom of Heaven. Yet it leaves its members free in matters of personal belief and interpretation.

Established as an autonomous church in England in 1916, it has spread to over forty countries around the world. It uses the native language of the people in all of its services.