Beginnings of St. Gabriel and All Angels

St. Gabriel and All Angels in Fairfield began in 1985, after a visiting Liberal Catholic priest celebrated Holy Eucharist at the university chapel. As the thrilled congregation of 100 or so first-timers at a Liberal Catholic service stood afterwards on the steps of the church, the enthusiastic question was raised, “Wow, when are we going to do that again!?!” – and so the church was spontaneously born! A week later at a meeting to establish a mission parish of the LCC in Fairfield, the group seemed to settle easily on St. Gabriel as a patron. Although it was not known to any of us at that meeting, several weeks later someone pointed out that our first Eucharist had been held on St. Gabriel’s feast day! We continue to feel the guidance of St. Gabriel to this day.

St. Gabriel and All Angels provides its services and support to all who ask, whether members of the church or not. Preparatory instruction is provided for matrimony, baptism and confirmation, or general membership. Extreme Unction (last rites), pastoral counseling, and other blessings are available. Workshops on various topics of spiritual life, the vision of the LCC founders, parenting, etc. are offered periodically.